Roswitha Gantenberg – April 2013


Same Procedure As Every Year – old friends like the local prides with their old and new cubs, Emily with her cubs – I had a wonderful time at Ndutu. Wildebeest, followed by zebras, moved in long lines on the plains, where we saw large herds of shy elands. There is no cat around Marando does not find, so I was lucky to watch a serval hunting, lonely cheetahs on the plains as well as lions from the Hidden Valley and the Serengeti visiting Ndutu. We met large groups of elephants and were told politely but firmly to move out of their path.

Thank you Aadje, you and your staff, together with cheerful Ainslie and kind Eva Marie, make my safari every year very special. I hope to be back next year. Asanti sana from Roswitha.

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