April – Mid December

When migrating wildlife have moved on to follow the rains the landscape of Ndutu changes dramatically into a dry dramatic landscape of muted greens and greys with Lake Ndutu occasionally drying to a bleached white salt pan.

ndtu image

This is a great season to really enjoy the resident predators of Ndutu and indeed Ndutu is a favourite of expert guides, scientists and biologists for its high numbers of cats including lion, leopard, cheetah, civet, serval, wild cat and caracal. The resident predators are territorial and so once they have had their young they remain at Ndutu in the local marsh areas which stay wet all year round and are an essential fresh water source for the herbivores therefore attracting predators.  The marshes also serve as the ideal place for cheetah and lion to hide their offspring from danger.  You can enjoy sightings of all three species of jackal including the rarely seen side-striped jackal and in the late afternoons you may glimpse striped hyena at the lake shore.

The wonderful thing about doing a game drive during this dry season is that the behaviours of these animals are more visible due to the lack of vegetation. The variety of habitats allows plenty of places to explore and you often find yourself having private encounters with predators.