A traditional Safari lodge in an outstanding wildlife location

A meeting place for friends for over 50 years

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Welcome to Ndutu Safari Lodge, our traditional and authentic safari lodge. Steeped in history and famous for our homely warmth and generous hospitality, Ndutu offers peace, tranquillity and exceptional wildlife viewing throughout the year.




As Ndutu changes into the dry season and the migration follow the rains west and north so the predators become more visible in these open plains. It is only nomadic male lions who will move with the herds. All other predators are territorial and will remain and protect these areas that surround the lodge. Now lions have to work much harder for their food and will often be hunting for longer parts of the day and be walking greater distances to feed. Cheetahs are not too affected since their main food, the Thomson Gazelle, doesn’t move far. However, these spotted cats are much easier to see when the short grass plains have less wildebeest traffic on them.

It's not only the big cats that are more prevalent. This is a great time to see bat eared foxes, stripped hyenas, caracals, servals and the ever-present genet cats on the rafters of the lodge. The wildebeest are the keystone species in the Serengeti and when they depart so does the food for many other species. All the smaller predators also need to work much harder for their birds, bugs and mice and are thus easily sighted in the much less dense woodlands and plains.

Dry season on the short grass plains is the place to be if you would like to have endless predator sightings all to yourself.



We have built a reputation over the past 50 years as consistently being the choice of expert guides, professional wildlife photographers, film-makers and biologists alike. The reason? It is simply the best place in the Serengeti eco system to watch and enjoy predators and prey, herds and hunters and is one of the finest locations to witness the extraordinary speed and spectacle of cheetah hunting their prey.

Ndutu Safari lodge is located in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on the edge of the Southern Serengeti plains filled with acacia trees and wide views across Lake Ndutu. Our Lodge comprises thirty four comfortable stone and thatch en-suite cottages beside a relaxed convivial dining, sitting and bar area all overlooking the ever-changing view of Lake Ndutu.

We are a family at Ndutu and immensely proud of what we do and our dedicated team are key to the success, they are what makes staying with us a very special experience.

Photography with thanks to Martin van Lokven and Stevie Mann




At Ndutu we care for the Serengeti and we endeavour to minimize our impact on the environment. We encourage all of our guests to get involved with our local conservation and support programmes.

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We have thirty four en-suite cottages at Ndutu which range from double, twins, triples and a quad room and all are built from local materials. Our stone and thatch cottages are naturally cool due to the thick walls and they provide simple and comfortable accommodation. Each room has an en- suite bathroom with hot showers, sink and flushing toilet.

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Here at Ndutu we are committed to our guests feeling refreshed and nourished during their stay. After a restful night set yourself up for the day from the wealth of freshly prepared options for breakfast. If you are opting for an early game drive we can arrange for a tasty bush breakfast on the move.

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