Ajit K Huilgol – Feb 2015

Thank you, once again, for another wonderful, fun-filled, adventurous holiday. This time, I was accompanied by my friend, Mr Jayakumar. As always, we were welcome with a smile, and almost everybody seemed to remember me and enquired about my family, who have been here several times.

We had timed our visit to witness the mass calving of the wildebeest, but, unfortunately, the rains played truant, and most of the wildebeest had made a U-turn northwards and gave birth in Serengeti. However, this did not prevent us from a few days of great photography.

I have uploaded photos of earlier visits, and am sending some more from my recent trip. Hope everyone who gets to see them enjoys them as much as I did when I took the images.

Finally, how I miss the food, and the cookies!

As Arnie would say, I’ll be back!

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