Roswitha Gantenberg – May/June 2014


This year I experienced the end of the wet season.

When I arrived mid-May everything was dry and the grass was brown. We saw the last wildebeest, together with zebras and large herds of eland, at Hidden Valley. There a large lion had killed an eland, left it and walked through the lake to meet his beautiful “brother”.

The Ndutu prides were not so easy to find, but with Marando tracking, we saw many lions and several cheetah families. Ndutu being Ndutu there is so much to see that you are never disappointed.

Then it rained for two full days, everybody was happy, the Ndutu staff the animals, and the grass changed color.

Needless to say that once again I had a wonderful time at Ndutu Safari Lodge, thanks to the hospitality of Aadje and Ainslie, their excellent staff, and Marando my patient guide.

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