Roswitha Gantenberg – April 2015

This year there was a long drought in March and the wildebeest had already migrated north.

Again a different experience. It started raining two days after I arrived, it rained nearly every day for two/three hours – the grass turned green again and thousands of wildebeest zebras and gazelles returned ! They invaded plains, and Lemuta was a wonderful sight. We and the animals were happy and excited.

We visited the python hanging in his tree at Hidden Valley. There were three cheetah moms, one with three, one with two, and one with one cubs. Katavi and Selous won a fight against the magnificient Goldies Remus and Romulus, and we saw briefly Ramos and Halftail.

Even though we could not visit certain areas because of sticky ground, Ndutu is never boring, giving me opportunity to observe the beautiful bird life at Ndutu Lodge.

Many thanks to Aadje, Ainslie, Eva Marie and Jenny for your pleasant company and kind hospitality. Of course Marando and the Ndutu staff are excellent.

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