Gerard and Evelyne Meijssen – March 2014


We enjoyed another 3 weeks holiday with Hamisi and the staff.

There was Meanna with her son hunting many times. For the first time we saw junior really help his mother instead of disturbing her hunt. Amazing!

Another cheeta mother was teaching her two grown up cubs hunting and killing. After half an hour she thought it was enough and she finished the job.

There were a lot of chicks everywhere and large groups of noisy wattled starlings and quelea’s, mating and nesting Love Birds.

Young lion’s played a game of “cat and mouse” with male wildebeest.

And at eleven in the morning there were hundreds of zebra in the long gully for a meeting to decide if they would follow the wildebeest to the north or not. So many of them that it was impossible to get them on a picture.

Spotty was very patient with her two siblings and we are curious about if she will raise them to adulthood this time.

And a lot of other nice happenings.

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