Gerard and Evelyne Meijssen – April 2013


Beautiful skys and thick mist. This year we saw again many nice things. Hamissi brought us again to the best places: We had a lot of laughing with the very young lion cubs. The cheetah mothers did their best in hunting and were successful. The almost full grown  children were learning hunting. Emily was very clever and did hide   for several days , so everybody was looking for her. Many youngsters climbed on our car and  were eye to eye with us. Luckily they did not fall into the car. At Hidden Valley a cheetah chased a serval cat.

We were often in the mist and the sky was almost every day full with wild clouds. There was a lot of young birds, including the swallows above the computer room and the secretary bird that fed her 2 chicks.

And of course everywhere lots and lots of wildebeest with their healthy looking calves.

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