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In Feb 2010, our vehicle was parked by a beautiful male lion that was posing very nicely for us.  A small group of wildebeasts that did  not see the lion began walking up the hill from where we were.   Sensing that the wildebeasts were trapped, the male ran up the hill and took down one of the herd. Unfortunately, at the top of the hill was a camp.  A man from the camp who was having his morning tea and admiring the zebras below had no idea that the lion was a few yards below.  Our guides tried to tell him to get back to camp but he did not understand.  His presence spooked the male who left the dead wildebeast but not before snacking on a very tender part. The picture is the lion's suffocating the wildebeast.  None of the guides could recall a male making a kill before, so they were excited to see the action too.  That's the kind of morning that we had at Ndutu. Stephanie Mendez

Feb 2010
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